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"still getting used to it"

All I can say is if you want to use blender be prepared to spend years learning how to use most of the features. on the other hand if you want to do one specific thing then it shouldn't take to long to learn how. also dont be discouraged by how complicated it looks, another thing worth mentioning is the fact that blender has a HUGE community.

This is a Complete 3d solution and can do anything 3d related... Fluid simulation, Cloth physics, soft body physics, Particles, hair, lighting effects, radiosity effects, motion blur, IK posing, non IK posing, Object modeling, Terrain generation (as a plugin), well thats just a few i've looked into but that doesnt even scratch the surface

another vital (to some people) point worth a mention is the fact that all the GUI's are fully customisable and it will run on just about any PC... my old one was a 700mhz with 256 meg of ram and Windows 98 and it never complained once about it :D (that was the current version of blender too)

  • Just try it (might as well its only 10meg)
  • for a long time (need to put the hours in)

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17 Oct 2009

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