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  • Is this genuinely free or is it a free trial?

    Blender is a free piece of software that was created by the programming community. It was created so that people may have and use a free 3D animation program. There is no free trial, and you do not have to pay for its features because they are all there in the program from the outset.
  • How can this be free if I have seen it for sale so many times?

    It is quite common for people to try to make money from free software such as Blender. As a result, quite a few people have tried to sell Blender when it is actually a free piece of software. If you see people charging for this program, then they are simply trying to con you into buying something that is free.
  • Where are the instructions?

    There are no instructions that come with this program. On the official website, you will see links to instruction videos that are on YouTube. These are videos that were created by Blender users. There are plenty of other videos on YouTube that show you how to use this incredibly complicated piece of software.
  • Is this the full version of Blender?

    It is Blender, but it is the 32bit version of blender. If you want the more efficient and faster version, then you will need the 64bit version, which is also a larger program on its own as it is more advanced. The 64bit version is also free.
  • Is it possible to create PC games and mobile games with this software?

    You may create video games and you may animate with this program. You create programmable instructions that dictate what happens within a game. It is possible to generate both PC games and console games with Blender, but it takes a lot of programming knowledge and a lot of time.
  • Is the software free on the official website too?

    There is an official website for this program, and the website features free versions of this software. There are no paid versions of this software, there are only paid third-party add-ons, but they are unnecessary in most cases.
  • Can I use this software as a free video and sound editor?

    It allows you to create computer animation, and it allows you to edit videos, sound files, and audio-visual files.
  • What should I do if my virus checker flags it as malware?

    You should delete the program if it is shown to be malware. It is an Open Source piece of software, which means online malcontents may alter it and re-publish. If your virus checker flags this file as infectious or malware, then you need to find a version of Blender from somewhere else.
  • Do I need an Internet connection in order to use this software?

    You need an Internet connection in order to download the software and you may need the Internet to update your software from time-to-time. However, when you use Blender, you use it locally on your own computer; there is no need for a constant Internet connection.
  • Can I mix videos, create edits and/or create brand new videos?

    You may add a series of video and audio files, and then mix them up, or you may create your own videos from nothing using things such as their computer animation functions. You may mix different file types and still have the end result come out as a single file format.


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